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General Voting and Voter Registration Information

Monroeville, PA is a Municipality in Allegheny County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Information on voter registration and on various ways to vote in our area are available on the Allegheny County Voting page.

Voting System in Allegheny County

Allegheny County began using a new voting system for the 2020 elections. It involves filling out a paper ballot and then scanning it into a computerized scanner. Note: A special option will be available for those unable to fill out a paper ballot.  To read a brief description and watch an instructional video of the process please visit the Allegheny County Voting System page.

Sample ballots

A few weeks before each election, sample ballots will be available on the Allegheny County Sample Ballot website.  Please double check the date on the ballot to be sure it is the current one.

Political Signs

Please be aware of the regulations regarding the placement of political signs as addressed in Ordinance 2116 and also Ordinance 1443 which give more detailed info regarding the placement of signs in general. In addition, Ordinances 1760 and 1893 also provide information regarding political signage.  

Polling Locations for Monroeville Voters

If you need to know your Ward or District, please see our Monroeville Interactive Ward Map

11Monroeville Volunteer Fire Hall #3
12New Covenant Church
13Cleveland Steward Elementary School
14Cleveland Steward Elementary School
21Crossroads Presbyterian Church
22Crossroads Presbyterian Church
23Monroeville Public Library
31Church of the Resurrection
32Church of the Resurrection
33Church of the Resurrection
34University Park Elementary School
41Grace Baptist Church
42Grace Baptist Church
43University Park Elementary School
51Municipal Authority Building
52Monroeville Public Library
53Cleveland Steward Elementary School
54Municipal Building
61Hillcrest United Presbyterian Church
62Hillcrest United Presbyterian Church
63Municipal Building
64Monroeville Public Library
71Monroeville Volunteer Firehall #6
72Monroeville Volunteer Firehall #6
73Evergreen Elementary School