Pitcairn Business License


Every person desiring to continue to engage in, or hereafter to begin to engage in the business of wholesale or retail vendor, or dealer in goods, wares, and merchandise, and any person conducting a restaurant or other place where food, drink, or refreshments are sold, or place of amusement, whether or not the same be incidental to some other business or occupation, shall on or before the 15th day of January of each license year, procure and conspicuously place a business license for his place of business, or if more than one, for each of his places of business in the Borough.

Due Date

The due date is January 15th. If the business was started in the tax year, the license shall be paid within 40 days of the start of the business. Temporary or seasonal businesses must obtain a license before commencing business.


$5.00 for each place of business.