Refuse and Recycling

Refuse Collection is collected on a weekly basis (except holidays) from approximately 10,000 homes with Municipality-owned refuse trucks. To find your refuse/recycling pickup days, see the Recycling Schedule and Calendar.

  • Refuse/Recycling must not be placed at the curb before 4pm the day preceding pickup.
  • Garbage cans are limited to 45 Gallons.
  • ALL refuse inside cans just be bagged and NO loose trash is permitted.
  • No auto parts, building materials, rocks or earth are picked up.
  • Lumber and carpeting must be no longer than 4 feet with a maximum weight of 35 pounds, bundled and tied together.
  • Hot Water Tanks, Large Furniture, Couches, Mattresses, Dressers, Washer/Dryer, Stoves, Dishwashers, Treadmills, and Grills without the Propane tanks WILL be picked up with regular scheduled trash pickup.   Just place at your curb on your regularly scheduled day,
  • Refrigerator Disposal – Before any refrigerators are placed at the curb for collection, a certified technician must remove the freon.  The following Companies will remove the freon and place a certified sticker on the appliance: Ross Appliance at (412) 373-1120 or Appliance Warehouse at (412) 381-8800  Please Secure or remove Doors.  Or you may call Duquesne Light Refrigerator program at 1-800-257-2510 for their Refrigerators Rebate Program. 
  • Paint Can Disposal – Paint must be dried and boxed marked “Paint”.  Paint dry can be purchased from local hardware store or kitty litter can be used to help dry it out faster.  Place at your curb for regular schedule pick up.
  • TV/Monitor Disposal - TV Monitors will NOT be picked up.  For disposal options, please Contact Noble Environmental at (412) 567-6566 or ELoop at (724) 519-7646 located in Delmont. (Fees Apply)

The Municipality of Monroeville Recycling Crew picks up recyclable materials on a biweekly basis on the same day as garbage collection, using a special recycling truck. Materials are to be placed in a special blue recycling container which can be obtained free of charge Monday thru Thursday from 7:00 am to 3:00pm at the Monroeville Public Works Garage, 200 Starr Drive, Monroeville, PA  15146  

Glass (clear and colored), aluminum cans, tin/steel cans, and plastic bottles with a No. 1 or No. 7 on the bottom may be recycled. In 2016, the Municipality started newspaper and cardboard curbside pickup, which is comingled.  Please clean all items to the best of your ability before recycling. To find your refuse/recycling pickup days, see the Recycling Schedule and Calendar.

Additional Recycling Dumpsters are located at:

    • Monroeville Municipal Building
    • Monroeville Public Works Garage
    • Monroeville Community Park East
    • Monroeville Senior Center – Behind the Monroeville Public Library
    • Monroeville Volunteer Fire Companies #3 and #4

The leaf-recycling program occurs October through November. Leaves must be set-aside in biodegradable bags. Leaves will be picked up on the same day as the regular garbage pickup schedule, but with a different truck. Leaves are then transported to the Municipal leaf recycling facility located at the Public Works building.   Two (2) municipal employees are assigned to collect recyclable items on a biweekly basis from approximately 10,000 homes in Monroeville.

Tree branch Recycling Program; - Call Public Works at (412) 856-3343 to schedule a pick up after placing tree branches at the curb.  Branches cannot be longer than 9 inches at base.  No logs, no stumps, and No Bushes with roots or ball of dirt will be collected.  Length of tree branches does not matter as long as a solitary adult human can pick it up and drag it to a chipper.

Christmas Tree Recycling -  Please place trees at the curb on regular refuse day, and a separate truck will be around for pick up.

**TOXIC & HAZARDOUS House hold Waste, Computers, Monitors, and Television sets WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.  They must be brought to one of the quarterly Waste Collection Events sponsored by the Municipality of Monroeville.  Fees apply.