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The 61-employee Public Works Department is responsible for street maintenance, snow and ice removal, storm sewer maintenance, street cleaning, and sign rehabilitation and replacement for some 110 miles of streets and roads, as well as: garbage and refuse collection for residential homes, recycling, parks maintenance, vehicle maintenance, and animal control.

  1. Our Departments

The Monroeville Street Maintenance Department provides maintenance services in terms of repair and limited rebuilding to approximately 110 miles of municipal streets. The Public Works Road Department is responsible for roadwork such as pothole repair, cutting berms, and maintaining islands. The primary goal for the Public Works Department at all times is to ensure Monroeville residents have the safest and most attractive community by constantly maintaining the roads, rights-of-ways, and sewer systems. At times, the Public Works Department also joins the police and fire companies to correct unsafe conditions. The Municipality provides for the complete sweeping and cleaning of all streets twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Annually, a road pothole patching and crack-sealing program is conducted. Mowing of municipal-owned rights-of-ways occur approximately every 15 to 20 days in season.

The Monroeville Parks Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the neighborhood walk-in parks and conservancy preserves in the Municipality. This includes all neighborhood parks and undeveloped conservancy lands excluding the Monroeville Community Park properties. Parks maintenance employees mow and trim approximately 240 acres of open areas on a weekly basis throughout the growing season. Additionally, parks staff maintain 11 baseball fields, 8 soccer fields, 11 restroom buildings, 9 picnic pavilions, 16 children's play areas, 16 tennis courts, 18 basketball courts, 6 deck hockey courts, 7 volleyball courts and 21+ hiking trails in the neighborhood parks. Mowing and general maintenance activities take place in 21 developed and undeveloped parks plus 19 separate landscaped areas in Monroeville.  The following activities are performed by the Monroeville Parks Maintenance Department:

  • Mowing of municipal owned park lands and other public properties occurs approximately every 7 to 10 days
  • Maintaining of park amenities such as drinking fountains, park benches, small shed structures, etc.
  • Installing of minor play equipment and maintaining of all play apparatus
  • Tree planting and basic care
  • Custodial care of parks and restrooms, including dumpster collection
  • Assisting public works department with snow removal.
  • Ball field maintenance and preparation.

Monroeville Park has expanded significantly to become Monroeville Community Park, now encompassing an east campus and west campus with Tilbrook Road as the dividing line. The existing 66-acre Monroeville Park, which was originally part of the Rush Farm, has been incorporated with the new 125-acre community park which was originally the Bohinski Farm, with portions of the Madjerich Farm and Krusey property added to form the Monroeville Community Park Complex. The Monroeville Community Park-West Campus provides fourteen soccer fields, five baseball/softball fields, four restrooms, two tennis courts, 6 pickleball courts, two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, one hiking trail, four play areas with adaptive swings, gardens and five picnic shelters. The Monroeville Community Park-East Campus continues to provide a soccer field, a baseball field, a picnic shelter and tennis and basketball courts. This department will consolidate the municipal costs associated with maintaining and operating the Monroeville Community Park Campuses.

Building and Grounds Maintenance - The use of municipal buildings and surrounding grounds by the public requires maintenance and repair to maintain a standard of clean, functional, and safe use. Scheduling of public use of building areas dictates the need to coordinate maintenance activities to ensure full and safe use of the structures. 

The Municipality provides support services for civic activities such as parades, community festivals and service to community facilities.  A maintenance crew of two employees and a working foreman makes repairs in the various municipal buildings to maintain a safe and reasonable work environment for municipal employees, as well as maintain the public facility for municipal residents to conduct business, and for Council, Boards, and Commissions to hold public meetings.

Monroeville Historical Society, Incorporated is an independent volunteer organization whose purpose is "to unite into one organization all persons in helping to collect, preserve and protect elements of historic significance deemed of value to future citizens." Particular municipal properties designated as "historical" are the Old Stone Church, McGinley House, McCully Log Cabin and municipal monuments, where weddings, instructional programs, tours and organizational meetings are held. Maintenance within these buildings is included within this department.

The Vehicle Maintenance Department, which includes 1 foreman and 5 mechanics, is responsible for the Municipal Fleet, including all public works vehicles, all police vehicles, all code enforcement vehicles, and all the vehicles and apparatus of the 5 Monroeville Volunteer Fire Companies and EMS fleets. The vehicle maintenance division maintains approximately 195 pieces of equipment including diesel engines, heavy equipment transmissions, hydraulic systems, fire apparatus pumps, gasoline engines, automotive equipment including automobiles and light-duty trucks and related systems.

The Public Works Sign Crew makes, installs, and replaces missing or damaged signs, and does the road line painting for all municipal streets throughout the Municipality . In addition, the sign crew paints lines to designate parking spaces in parking lots at various municipal buildings and other municipal facilities.

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