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The Municipality of Monroeville operates the local government access cable TV channel which formally had its name changed from Monroeville TV-15 to Monroeville Municipal Television (MMTV) in July 2021.  The TV channel primarily serves as the home for live and replayed telecasts of public municipal meetings. In addition, it displays an informational bulletin board for local news, announcements, and events.  MMTV increased its TV program offering and now carries shows spanning multiple genres from fitness, art, to science and more.  Beyond the TV channel MMTV provides Monroeville-centric photo and video content across multiple platforms.  While here on our website, you can find archived municipal meetings, highlights of local events, and other video/photo projects that we've done to promote Monroeville and its services.  

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Television - Comcast ch15; Verizon ch45             Live & Replayed Meetings, TV Shows, Bulletin Board, Video Content

Website -           TV Schedule, Video & Photo Content, Archived Meetings, Department Info

YouTube - Municipality of Monroeville                Archived Meetings, Video Content

Facebook - Monroeville TV Department            Video & Photo Content

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