Animal Control

About Us

The Municipality provides the services of a full-time animal control officer in order to effectively deal with problems and complaints arising from animals throughout the Municipality. The officer is on call for an emergency after normal working hours. Animal control receives a myriad of calls ranging from stray dogs, lost cats and dead animals. Stray animals are brought to a clean, sanitary shelter where they are cared for and offered for adoption, if not claimed by the owner.  Calls are also received for distress or cruelty to animals.  Monroeville Animal Shelter is also staffed by Volunteers who help daily.  We provide full service animal control for Dog, Cats, and all kinds of wildlife for Monroeville and Pitcairn, PA. We are one of the few municipality supported shelters in Allegheny County. Shelter Visitation Hours are by Appointment ONLY (412)737-0111. A full-time animal control officer is responsible for enforcing ordinances pertaining to animals and collecting domestic and non-domestic animals during regular working hours. He is also on call 24-hours a day for emergencies that pertain to domestic animals such as dogs and cats.

 Dog License: State law requires you to license your dog by three months of age. You can pick up a dog license application at the municipal building or at the Monroeville Public Works Building or online at Dog License | (

Animal Control Policy

The Animal Control Policy has been developed to control domestic and wild animals in a reasonable fashion with the resources available to the Municipality. The Municipality cannot control all animals within its boundaries, but will attempt to keep residents safe and undisturbed with respect to animals.

Animal Shelter Information

Monroeville Animal Shelter Adoptable Pets

The Shelter is staffed by volunteers and is by Appointment ONLY.. All animals available will be posted on the Monroeville Animal Shelter Facebook Page and an Application for Adoption MUST be filed out and approved prior to a meet and greet.  

 Monroeville Animal Shelter is now a 501(c)(3) and accepting donations thru the Monroeville Foundation. If you would like to donate, check out the Monroeville Foundation Website . Thank you for all your love and support!