Update: 4/9/18 - Geokinetics is complete with their seismic testing. However, they have a total of nine (9) geophones (receivers placed at the berm of streets) missing that were placed at the following addresses:

1 @ 136 Mt Vernon Dr, Monroeville, PA 15146
1 @ 259 Young Dr, Monroeville, PA 15146
1 @ 1475 Madden Dr, Monroeville, PA 15146

Geokinetics is offering an amnesty if the missing geophones are returned to the location from where they were taken, and then the returnee calling 1-800-481-5736 informing Geokinetics that they have been returned to their location. For geophones not returned by Monday April 16th, Geokinetics shall file a police report and will prosecute to fullest extent of the law.


Seismic Survey in Monroeville...Residents may experience a Monroeville company, Huntley & Huntley Energy Exploration, LLC, conducting what is called a Seismic Survey in their area. A Seismic Survey is not a drilling operation, but it is a process of exploring for natural gas using sound waves to “map” the geological structure of Monroeville at different depths.

This does not necessarily mean there will be drilling or the process known as “fracking” in Monroeville. There are many steps that have to be strongly considered before that is to occur in Monroeville, if indeed it does happen.

Seismic testing is the procedure to explore for natural shale gas through using “vibroseis trucks” on streets and roads. Here's a link to a short clip to give you an idea of the type of vehicle(s) you may see during the seismic testing. To view clip, click here.

Additional info:
Updated 4/5/2018:

The Municipality of Monroeville shall be taking legal action so that Geokinetics complies with the notification section of the Seismic Testing Agreement.

Geokinetics stop work order response letter.

At 11:25am, April 4, 2018, Paul Burke, attorney for Huntly and Huntley, personally appeared at the Municipal building and was issued a Stop Work Order to Cease and Desist seismic testing operations in the Municipality due to Geokinetics not complying with Section 6 (Notification) of the Seismic Testing agreement between Geokinetics and Municipality of Monroeville.


Seismic Testing Zone Map

The link above is a Zone Map showing where seismic testing will be performed in later February and March. The shaded beige area is the seismic testing area subdivided into zones. Seismic testing will be begin in the northeastern section of the Municipality on February 25th. The process in that area will probably take two (2) weeks. The southwestern section on the Municipality will have seismic testing beginning in mid-March. It may take longer. These times may slightly vary. You may have already received a door hanger on your front door with information on it that further explains the seismic testing.

The green dots on the roads in the beige shaded areas are “receivers” that the seismic testing company, Geokinetics, will place within the right-of-way of the road. The right-of way of a road is established to permit utility companies (gas, sewage, water, etc.) the right to access their utilities for maintenance. Keep in mind that the right-of-way of a road greatly varies. Most rights-of-ways in newer housing plans are fifty (50) ft., which would be 25 ft. from the center of the road, but this does not mean yours is 50 ft. Some may be 60 ft. Some may be 33 ft. The right-of-way most likely crosses over the berm of the road and may be part of your property that closely borders the road. As a result, the technicians from Geokinetics are permitted to be in that area to place their receivers near the berm of the road. The receivers will send a signal to what is called a “Vibroseis” truck that will come along that same day or the next day. Once the vibroseis truck passes the receiver will be picked-up.

Notice of Intent to Conduct Seismic Testing...Geokinetics will be conducting seismic testing in your area. The survey will primarily consist of the use of
vibroseis trucks along state and pubiic roads. Geokinetics will also be utilizing the state and municipal right-of-ways where recording devices will be placed.

In areas where there is no access for the vibroseis trucks and only where the landowners have granted permission, Geokinetics will utilize private property for energy source operations.

On the 25th and 26th of January door hanger notifications were put out on:
Old Frankstown Rd.
Cooper Rd.
Gateway Dr.
Ruth Dr.
Helmar Dr.
Center Rd.
Shumaker Dr.
Logans Ferry Dr.
Hochberg Rd.

Only roads on the northern part of Monroeville had door hangers and only where vibroseis will be done.

Testing will begin on or after Feb. 25, 2018.

Residents may call the toll free number for more information or if they have any questions.


Those who are interested in the recently-passed Monroeville Ordinance regarding oil and gas wells, should note that the legality of this ordinance is being challenged in court.

Here are the related legal documents.

The ordinance which was just passed:



Ordinance 2669 has references to ORD1443

The Court-related documents:

Motion For Preliminary Injunction 10-18-17

Motion For Expedited Hearing on Preliminary Injunction 10-18-17


Memorandum of Law in Support of Preliminary Injunction 10-18-17

Second Motion - Expedited Hearing 10-26-17

Order To Show Cause

Affidavit - Second Motion Expedited 10-26-17

Municipality’s Brief in Opposition to the Preliminary Injunction Motion 10-30-17

Fully Executed Seismic Settlement Documents 11-27-17