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About The Dog Park

Located in Heritage Park off Saunders Station Road, the Monroeville Dog Park has almost everything your dog could want. A large, fenced-in area with plenty of trees, a doggie-level water fountain (along with tall and short human-level water fountains), and plenty of other dogs to run and play with. There is also a doggie-bag dispenser to make it easy for the humans to clean up after their loved ones.

The dog park is located in Heritage Park, off Saunders Station Road. To get there, take Route 48 south, turn left onto Haymaker Road past Forbes Regional Hospital. At the Y intersection, bear left onto Saunders Station Road. The park is about ¾ of a mile further on the left. To get to the dog park area, park in the Heritage Park parking lot, and start on the path to the left of the lot. (There is a doggie-bag dispenser at the entrance to the path.) Follow the path, keeping to the left when the path splits. You will be walking around the playground and up a short hill to a large fenced area. Your dog must remain on the leash until you are inside the fenced area.

The fence has a double-gate. Bring your dog into the first gate and then close the gate. TAKE YOUR DOG OFF ITS LEASH! This is a very important step, as dogs are extremely sensitive to being on a leash when other dogs present are not leashed. Once you have removed the leash, open the inner gate and let your dog go out into the park area.

Keep in mind that YOU are responsible for YOUR dog. You are to watch your dog at all times. You are to pick up after your dog (bags are provided at the park).

Please see the Dog Park Rules for more information.

Just as humans have social etiquette; dogs have their own doggie protocol.

For more information on dog behavior, please follow these links:

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