Residential Occupancy Permits

Monroeville Municipal Council, at their meeting of May 8, 2012, adopted Ordinance No. 2550 setting forth the requirements for obtaining Residential Occupancy Permits prior to the transfer of one and two family dwelling units and establishing inspection requirements for multi-family dwelling units. The primary goal of this program is to assure life safety requirements in accordance with applicable codes have not been altered and are in good working order for the next occupant.

The program requires a Residential Occupancy Permit prior to the transfer of one and two
family dwellings units, change in occupancy of a one and two family dwelling unit or occupancy of an apartment unit of a multi-family residential dwelling unit. The program requires that an Occupancy Permit be issued by the Municipality prior to occupancy of any residential dwelling unit or owner-occupied units as rental units.

Please contact Michelle Fenwick at 412-856-3340 to submit an application and to schedule an inspection.

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Residential Occupancy Permit Application

Rental Unit Occupancy Permit Application

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